How to Practice Medicine in Turkey?

Have you ever thought of practicing medicine away from your country? It is not an easy decision to make but sometimes you have no option. Turkey like any other country, it has rules and regulations that anyone interested in setting up a business there should follow. 

There are so many things to take into consideration if you are planning to practice medicine in Turkey. One of them is language. This is especially if you come from English speaking countries. If you are wondering how to practice medicine in Turkey, continue reading this article to the end to find out more.

Learn the Turkish language

This is the first requirement for you to practice medicine in Turkey is to learn the Turkish Language. But that is not enough. You are obliged to get a minimum of B in all Turkish language tests. This means you have the study hard to understand the language for you to pass. Passing the language tests will help you to get permission to work in any private health organization in Turkey. The tests are administered by Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centers.

Get a work and residence permit

Well, this is nearly in all countries. You need to have a dwelling and work license, liability insurance for you to work legally like any Turkish citizen. Also, a certificate of identity from the appropriate state offices is needed to help show that your diploma and different documents of specialization go along with the standards of Turkish universities. So, ensure you are careful about this. If you do not have the needed certificates or diplomas while in Turkey, you will not be allowed to practice medicine as you require.

Register with the chamber of medical doctors

According to the Turkish Medical Association law, medical doctors who don’t work for public health organizations are required to with the chamber of medical doctors. This is because the chamber necessitates the submission of the equality license, dwelling certificate as well as the work license. However, the registration needs to be completed in a month of your starting to work. This regulation is also applicable to foreigners to Turkey who has gained the equivalency for the first time. However, this registration is optional for medics who are employed by public health organizations.

Get a contract

Apart from that, foreign medics and the individual health institutions that will hire them are needed to provide the appropriate offices their service contracts. The contracts need to specify the monthly salary that the individual will be paid.

A confirmation document

The medic should present a document that confirms that there aren’t any restrictions that could bar you from rendering your duties as a medic – read article on general practitioner education requirements


Some of the regulations are valid for every foreign health worker. However, they are not valid for pharmacists, midwives, nurses, and dentists. So, if you are planning to move to Turkey and continue with your medical career, ensure you follow all the above rules. While you have stayed three years in Turkey to be allowed to work, it is crucial to follow every rule.

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